The VB Business Panel

The VB Business Panel is an online community of IT and business professionals, from organisations in the UK.

Our members have joined our panel to take part in technology-based market research and to gain rewards for sharing their opinions. Use this page to find out more about the VB Business Panel, or email if you have any queries.

 Visit our registration page and enter in your details.

It may take up to a week for your registration to be processed and we’ll start inviting you to relevant surveys once your details have been verified.

We will invite you by email, sending a survey link to the email address you have provided. Our research typically asks about the technology processes within your company, with current popular topics including digital transformation and cyber security. We also run a range of surveys targeted at decision makers outside of the IT department.

Each email invite will inform you of the number of credits that you’d earn for completing that particular survey. 1 credit is equal to 50p.

We usually offer between 1-20 credits for completing a survey, with surveys typically offering a 10 credit reward.

Members are able to exchange thier credits for rewards at the end of each survey they complete. Credits can be exchanged for Gift Certificates*, and donations to charities.

Where possible, we will share the research results of surveys you have taken part in too.

About the VB Business Panel

The VB Business Panel carries out online market research for technology companies who commission research projects through Vanson Bourne.

Our surveys cover a range of topics, primarily focused on business and technology developments. The topics are constantly changing to stay up to date with relevant business and technology developments, and we’re currently keen to gain opinions on digital transformation and how your organisation has reacted in light of recent data security hacks.

The VB Business Panel is a part of Vanson Bourne, an independent and specialist market research agency that delivers research which contributes to the global success of technology companies. Joining the VB Business Panel offers you the opportunity to take part in this research and to have a real impact on the decisions made in the technology sector.

Conducting ethical research

Ensuring that the VB Business Panel is managed ethically is the top priority for our panel management team.

Incorporated in 1999, Vanson Bourne has almost 20 years of research experience and our panel managers ensure that your personal details and survey responses are managed in line with the Market Research Society guidelines. Find out more about how we do this in our privacy policy.

  • Surveys are run in accordance with the principles of the Market Research Society
  • All survey responses are confidential*
  • Survey participation is completely voluntary
  • Personal details are not passed onto third-parties
  • VB Business Panel will not contact your company at any time
  • Your survey responses will never be reported alongside your company name*

*Occasionally, we may ask for your consent to share your company name or contact information alongside your survey responses. This will always be optional and panel members are able to choose not to do this without it affecting their eligibility for the survey. 

“I find the surveys and results interesting and valuable”